Allen Modules for NEET – ALLEN Kota Study Material for NEET Preparation Download PDF Free.

Allen Modules for NEET – ALLEN Kota Study Material for NEET Preparation Download PDF Free.

Download NEET Study Material of Allen Career Institute – Kota

About Allen Career Institute:

Allen Career Institute is One of the Leading Coaching Institutions for the Top Engineering and Medical. Might all the JEE Aspirants are familiar with this Famous Institute because of its Top Ranks and Cracking Results. Though the first Institute was established (1988) in a small colony of Kota, Rajasthan. But later on, it has been spread across all over India. Now, it has been one of the Top 3 Best IIT JEE Coaching Centers in India. Most of the Students prefer to Join Allen Career Institute for JEE and NEET Coaching because of its Experienced Faculty and Advanced Teaching Methods. Not only that, Allen also won many limca book of awards for its unbelievable ranks in JEE and NEET.

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About Allen Modules:

Allen Toppers Frequently says that their Study materials are highly helped them to Crack NEET. Allen Modules Contains Chapterwise Theory Part and Exercises. The best part of Allen Modules is that Concepts are Clearly Explained. And Exercises Includes different levels of Challenging Problems where sometimes the same Questions comes directly in NEET.

Even the 2020 NEET Topper’s Soyeb Aftab who created history by scoring 720/720 read the ALLEN Kota Coaching Material.

ALLEN Kota Modules for NEET Download PDF free

Download ALLEN NEET Modules for FREE

Below are the Chapterwise PDF links of Allen Study Material of all three Subjects- Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. One of the Best ALLEN NEET Notes.

ALLEN Physics – Chapterwise Notes

Click Here to Open the Folder where you will get all Chapters of ALLEN Physics – Click Here

S No.Chapter Name Download Link
1Alternating CurrentDownload PDF
2Atomic StructureDownload PDF
3CapacitanceDownload PDF
4Current ElectricityDownload PDF
5Diffraction Polarisation of LightDownload PDF
6Electromagnetic InductionDownload PDF
7Electromagnetic WavesDownload PDF
8ElectrostaticsDownload PDF
9GravitationDownload PDF
10Interference of LightDownload PDF
11KinematicsDownload PDF
12Logic GatesDownload PDF
13Magnetic Effects of CurrentDownload PDF
14MagnetismDownload PDF
15Mathematical ToolsDownload PDF
16Newton Laws of MotionDownload PDF
17Practical PhysicsDownload PDF
18Principles of Communication SystemsDownload PDF
19Properties of MatterDownload PDF
20Ray Optics -1Download PDF
21Ray Optics – 2Download PDF
22Rotational MotionDownload PDF
23Semi-ConductorDownload PDF
24System of ParticlesDownload PDF
25Thermal PhysicsDownload PDF
26Wave Theory, Sound WavesDownload PDF
27Work Power and EnergyDownload PDF

ALLEN Chemistry – Chapterwise Notes

Click Here to Open the Folder where you will get all Chapters of ALLEN Chemistry – Click Here

S No.Chapterwise ModulesDownload Link
1Alcohols Phenols and EthersDownload PDF
2Aldehydes and KetonesDownload PDF
3Aliphatic and Aromatic AminesDownload PDF
4AlkanesDownload PDF
5AlkenesDownload PDF
6AlkynesDownload PDF
7Alkyl Halides and Aryl HalidesDownload PDF
8Carbohydrates Amino Acids and PolymersDownload PDF
9Carboxylic Acids and their DerivativesDownload PDF
10Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution Reaction Download PDF
11General Organic ChemistryDownload PDF
12IsomerismDownload PDF
13Nomenclature of Organic CompoundsDownload PDF
14Purification MethodsDownload PDF
15Atomic StructureDownload PDF
16Chemical EquilibriumDownload PDF
17Chemical KineticsDownload PDF
18Colloidal State and Surface ChemistryDownload PDF
19ElectroChemistryDownload PDF
20Ionic EquilibriumDownload PDF
21Mole ConceptDownload PDF
22Redox ReactionDownload PDF
23SolutionsDownload PDF
24States of MatterDownload PDF
25The Solid StateDownload PDF
26ThermochemistryDownload PDF
27Chemical BondingDownload PDF
28Coordination CompoundsDownload PDF
29D-Block ElementsDownload PDF
30Environmental ChemistryDownload PDF
31Group 1&2Download PDF
32Group 13,14&15Download PDF
33Group 16,17&18Download PDF
34Hydrogen and its CompoundsDownload PDF
35MetallurgyDownload PDF
36Periodic TableDownload PDF
37ThermodynamicsDownload PDF

ALLEN Biology – Chapterwise Notes

Click Here to Open the Folder where you will get all Chapters of ALLEN Biology- Click Here

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