Coordination Compounds || Chemistry || JEE(Mains & Advance)|NEET|

Coordination Compounds || Chemistry || JEE(Mains & Advance)|NEET|| CBSE|| Class 12| STUDY RATE In this video we will recommend you best Video lectures of #CoordinationCompounds for preparation of NEET ,JEE, AIIMS and Other competitive Exams .

NOTE:: Coordination Compounds A Coordination Compound Contains A Central Metal Atom Or Ion Surrounded By Number Of Oppositely Charged Ions Or Neutral Molecules. These Ions Or Molecules Re Bonded To The Metal Atom Or Ion By A Coordinate Bond. Example: They Do Not Dissociate Into Simple Ions When Dissolved In Water.
NEET/JEE Is One Of The Most Challenging Competitive Entrance Examinations In India. It’s Important For Students To Follow Proper Schedule, Preparation Tips And Strategy In Order To Clear NEET-UG Exam. One Of The First Things When Starting NEET Preparation Is To Know The Syllabus Of NEET. NEET Syllabus Contains The Topics From Class 11 And 12. Start Your Prep For NEET & JEE 2020 Not From Tomorrow But Now!

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