[PDF] Download Chapterwise JEE Mains Previous Year Questions for 2023

Download JEE Main Chapter-wise solved questions for Physics, Chemistry, and mathematics in PDF format prepared by expert IIT JEE Teachers at studyrate.in. Solving JEE Main chapter-wise questions with solutions will help you to score more in your IIT JEE examination.

JEE Main Chapter wise Questions with Solutions PDF

This article will provide the Book for Chapterwise JEE Mains Previous Year Questions for 2023. Chapter-wise questions for JEE Main consist of a wide collection of previous years’ papers fully solved. The solutions have been provided in a simple and systematic way, which will help the students to understand the concepts easily and solve a variety of problems. Solving Chapter wise PYQ for JEE Mains will help you to achieve your dream rank. Study Rate always tries to help students with rich study material.

Benefits of Solving Previous Year Questions

Get Acquainted With Exam Pattern: Solving JEE Mains Chapterwise Previous Year Questions with Solutions will help you to get the acquaintance with PYQ in detail. You get to know about the Weightage of the chapter and the types of questions that will come in JEE Mains Exam.

Improve Time Management: When you solve the PYQ of JEE Mains, then you will get a fair idea of the time required for each section of your paper with exactly two minutes to solve a question, students require effective time management to attempt a maximum number of questions accurately

Boosts Speed and Accuracy: When you solve JEE Mains Chapterwise PYQ regularly, you will get a fair idea, that what should be your speed to solving the questions, and eventually your accuracy with JEE Mains Previous Year Questions improve with time.

Self-Assessment: Previous year papers are the best way to assess JEE Main preparation levels. It helps students identify their weak areas and work on them.

Best tool for Revision: When you solve the Previous Year’s Questions, regularly, you will get a rough idea, of which chapter is more important and which is least important for revision purposes. On one hand, a good understanding of topics helps boost confidence, on the other, students can complete their preparations by clarifying doubts related to weak topics.

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One of the essential prerequisites for JEE preparation is practicing the previous year’s question papers. When it comes to selecting the most reliable source for practicing – JEE Main Previous Year Question Papers play a significant role. Experts highly recommended that all IIT- JEE Aspirants solve the Previous Year Papers to aim for a good score and rank.

Chapter-wise Weightage of Maths Class 12 in JEE Mains

ChaptersTotal QuestionsWeightage
Permutations & Combinations13.3%
Complex Numbers13.3%
Binominal Theorem13.3%
Indefinite Integration13.3%
Definite Integration13.3%
Differential Equations13.3%
Height & Distance13.3%
Trigonometric Equations13.3%
The Area under the Curve13.3%
Quadratic Equations 13.3%
Tangents and Normals13.3%
Maxima and Minima13.3%
Mathematical Reasoning13.3%
Sequences & Series26.6%
Straight Lines 26.6%
3-D Geometry 26.6%
Determinants 26.6%

JEE Main Chapter wise Weightage 2023 Physics

ChaptersTotal QuestionsWeightage
Capacitors 1 3.3%
Simple Harmonic Motion1 3.3%
Sound Waves1 3.3%
Elasticity1 3.3%
Error in Measurement1 3.3%
Circular Motion1 3.3%
Electromagnetic Waves1 3.3%
Semiconductors1 3.3%
Communication Systems1 3.3%
Magnetic Effect of Current and Magnetism 26.6%
Alternating Current 26.6%
Kinetic Theory of Gases & Thermodynamics 26.6%
Kinematics 26.6%
Work, Energy, and Power 26.6%
Laws of Motion 26.6%
Centre Of Mass 26.6%
Rotational Dynamics 26.6%
Modern Physics 26.6%
Wave Optics 26.6%
Current Electricity39.9%

Chapter-wise Weightage of Chemistry Class 12 in JEE Main 2023

ChaptersTotal QuestionsWeightage
Mole Concept13.3%
Redox Reactions 13.3%
Electrochemistry 13.3%
Chemical Kinetics 13.3%
Solution & Colligative Properties 13.3%
General Organic Chemistry 13.3%
Stereochemistry 13.3%
Hydrocarbon 13.3%
Alkyl Halides 13.3%
Carboxylic Acids & their Derivatives 13.3%
Carbohydrates, Amino-Acids, and Polymers 13.3%
Aromatic Compounds 13.3%
Atomic Structure26.6%
Chemical Bonding26.6%
Chemical And Ionic Equilibrium26.6%
Solid-State And Surface Chemistry26.6%
Nuclear & Environmental Chemistry26.6%
Thermodynamics & the Gaseous State26.6%
Transition Elements & Coordination Compounds3 9.9%
Periodic table, s and p-Block Elements 39.9%

FAQs about JEE Mains Chapter wise PYQ

Where I can download the Chapter wise PYQ of JEE Mains?

Download JEE Mains Chapterwise Previous Year Questions PDF for free on our website studyrate.in.

How I can download the Chapter wise PYQ of JEE Mains?

Download JEE Mains Chapterwise Previous Year Questions PDF for free on our website studyrate.in.

What are the Benefits of solving the Previous Year’s Questions?

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