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Biology Notes for NEET – Biology note preparation is necessary for the students for the preparation for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Examination. The exam is common to test exams conducted for students to take admission to medical colleges. The students who have studied biology as a subject in the science stream can apply for the exam and start their preparation for the exam. Students can check notes, syllabus, and mock test here and for further information, they can visit the official site These notes are based on the Latest Syllabus of NEET 2024.

NEET Biology Study Material PDF

NEET Biology is a high-scoring section out of 3 if a student handles it carefully! This is a unique trick that can lead to success in the NEET 2024 exam. The questions asked in the test are so easy that they do not make aspirants dissatisfied with their preparation. You can download the best books for NEET 2024.

Important Chapters for Biology are given below.

S.No. Chapter

  • 1  The Living World
  • 2  Biological Classification
  • 3  Plant Kingdom
  • 4  Animal Kingdom
  • 5  Morphology of Flowering Plants
  • 6  Anatomy of Flowering Plants
  • 7  Structural Organization In Animals
  • 8  Cell: Structure And Functions
  • 9  Biomolecules
  • 10  Cell Cycle and Cell Division
  • 11  Transport In Plants
  • 12  Mineral Nutrition
  • 13  Photosynthesis In Higher Plants
  • 14  Respiration In Plants
  • 15  Plant Growth and Development
  • 16  Digestion and Absorption
  • 17  Breathing and Exchange of Gases
  • 18  Body Fluids and Circulation
  • 19  Excretory Products and Their Elimination
  • 20  Locomotion and Movement
  • 21  Neural Control and Coordination
  • 22  Chemical Coordination and Integration
  • 23  Reproduction In Organisms
  • 24  Sexual Reproduction In Flowering Plants
  • 25  Human Reproduction
  • 26  Reproductive Health
  • 27  Principles of Inheritance and Variation
  • 28  Molecular Basis of Inheritance
  • 29  Evolution
  • 30  Human Health and Disease
  • 31  Strategies For Enhancement In Food Production
  • 32  Microbes In Human Welfare
  • 33  Biotechnology: Principles and Processes
  • 34  Biotechnology and Its Applications
  • 35  Organisms and Populations
  • 36  Ecosystem
  • 37  Biodiversity and Conservation
  • 38  Environmental Issues

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NEET biology important topic or Study material that plays a vital role in strengthening the preparation of the students. If you want to score well, then make sure that you have the perfect study material with you. Don’t commit the mistake of buying piles of books; you just need one right book with you that will help you to reach the skies of success.

Tips To Prepare For NEET – Important NEET Notes

One can crack NEET exams with sheer dedication and determination. Here are some tips you can follow:

Know The Syllabus, Master NCERT content
Candidates are required to prepare for NEET in accordance with the syllabus which they can follow. NCERT books for Physics, Chemistry and biology should be thoroughly studied.

Exhaustive Revisions and Practice
The importance of revising is well-known to all the candidates. Preferably having a copy of self-made notes and highlighted points can be a lifesaver for last-minute studies. One must solve mock tests, sample papers, and previous years’ question papers to gain confidence and also comprehend the exam pattern, marking scheme, and typology of questions very well. Practice numerical, diagrams in biology, and equations in chemistry thoroughly.

Make Use Of Tips and Tricks
If you find understanding/learning a concept difficult, try to convert textual information into visual diagrams, and infographics to remember easily.

FAQ on NEET Biology Notes PDF

How to download NEET Notes for Biology?

You can download the latest and best notes for NEET Biology on our site for FREE.

What is the best book for biology in NEET?

NCERT is a NEET holy book, it should be read line by line and be well-informed. 80-90% of questions came from the NCERT system. For the remaining 10-20% of questions, you can only look at these books, they are more than enough – Objective NCERT easily accessible – MTG, NCERT Exemplar, Trueman biology, Arihant, Cengage Don’t forget to cover the “summary” section provided at the end of each chapter. It contains some important points that students often miss.

Is NCERT enough for NEET biology 2023?

NCERT is the king of all books. You can understand the basic level of biology with the help of NCERT and then you can opt for an advanced-level biology book to learn the broader concepts.

Will NEET 2023 Biology be challenging?

The difficulty level of NEET cannot be predicted as it varies every year.

Can I crack NEET on the first attempt?

Yes, one can crack NEET on the very first attempt by practicing regularly, taking mock tests, and by solving previous year’s papers. Solving NEET sample papers will help in understanding the exam level and the important topics will help you know all the priority concepts which you have to give proper attention.

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