MCQ Quiz on Class 11 Physics Chapter 9 Mechanical Properties of Solids with Answers

We have compiled the MCQ Questions for Class 11 Physics Chapter 9 Mechanical Properties of Solids with Answers Pdf free download covering the entire syllabus for JEE/NEET and Boards. Practice MCQ Questions for Class 11 Physics with Answers on a daily basis and score well in exams. Refer to the Mechanical Properties of Solids Class 11 MCQs Quiz Questions with Answers here along with a detailed explanation.

Mechanical Properties of Solids Class 11 MCQs Questions with Answers

MCQ Questions for Class 11 Physics Chapter 9 Mechanical Properties of Solids with Answers

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1. The magnitude of the force developed by raising the temperature from 0°C to 100°C of the iron bar of 1.00 m long and 1 cm² cross-section when it is held so that it is not permitted to expand or bend is (a = 10-5/oC and Y = 1011 N/m²)


2. The ratio of the change in dimension at right angles to the applied force to the initial dimension is known as


3. You are given two wires W1 and W2. Both are made of the same material and are of the same length. The radius of cross-section of W2 is twice that of W1. Same load is suspended from both of them. If the strain in W1 be 4, then calculate the strain in W2.


4.  The temperature of a wire is doubled. The Young’s modulus of elasticity


5. The graph between the applied force and the change in length of a wire within elastic limit is a


6. A rubber cord of cross sectional area 1 mm² and unstretched length 10 cm is stretched to 12 cm and then released to project a stone of mass 5 gram. If Y for rubber = 5 ? 108N/m², then the tension in the rubber cord is


7. An iron bar of length l m and cross section A m² is pulled by a force of F Newton from both ends so as to produce and elongation in meters. Which of the following statement statements is correct


8. A spring is stretched by applying a load to its free end. The strain produced in the spring is


9. One end of a steel wire of area of cross-section 3 mm² is attached to the ceiling of an elevator moving up with an acceleration of 2.2 m/s². if a load of 8 kg is attached at its free end, then the stress developed in the wire will be


10. The upper end of wire 1 m long and 2 mm radius is clamped. The lower end is twisted through an angle of 45°. The angle of shear is


11. The fractional change in volume per unit increase in the pressure is called :


12. In a wire, when elongation is 2 cm energy stored is E. if it is stretched by 10 cm, then the energy stored will be


13. A wire of length L and radius r fixed at one end and a force F applied to the other end produces an extension l. The extension produced in another wire of same material of length 2L and radius 2r by a force 2F is given by


14. The radii of two wires of a same material are in ratio 2 : 1. if the wires are stretched by equal forces, the stress produced in them will be


15. When the intermolecular distance increases due to tensile force, then


16. The maximum load a wire can withstand without breaking when its length is reduced to half of its original length, will


17. A cable breaks if stretched by more than 2 mm. It is cut into two equal parts. By how much either part can be stretched without breaking?


18. Four wires whose lengths and diameter respectively are given below are made of the same material. Which of these will have the largest extension when same tension is applied?


19. Out of the following materials, whose elasticity is independent of temperature?


20. Modulus of rigidity of ideal liquid is


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