Top Medical Courses without NEET in 2022-23 with Top Colleges List

The moment a student decides to make a career in medicine, all he/she thinks about, day and night are about studying for NEET, cracking through that particular entrance exam, getting into a good college based on their rank in the exam, and so on. And if, because of some reason, they feel uninterested or unwilling to attempt those exams, and/or they are unable to secure good marks in the examination, they feel themselves a failure, thinking that all their dreams and aspirations of a career in the medical field have turned into ashes. And they start thinking about how they would now have to switch career options and settle for something less than what they had planned.

However, what most of you medicine aspirants fail to realize is that there is a large doorway full of opportunities for you to still get into the medical field and make a living out of that profession, even if you do not wish to give the NEET entrance exam, or are unable to crack your way through it. Moreover, there are a large number of medical courses, top ones, that you can pursue in the growing health care sector of India, other than going for a conventional MBBS or a BDS degree.

List of Top Medical Courses Without NEET In 2022

Through this article, we try to guide you by providing you with a list of the top medical courses that you have the option to pursue, without NEET, in 2022-23, using the latest data and information from various sources.

Name of CourseDuration of CoursesJob InformationAverage Salary p.a.
BSc Nursing4 yearsNurse3 Lakhs to 8 Lakhs
BSc Cardiovascular Technology4 yearsCardiac Technician4 Lakhs to 20 Lakhs
BSc Agricultural Science4 yearsAgronomist/
Agricultural Scientist/
5 Lakhs to 9 Lakhs
BTech Biomedical Engineering4 yearsBiomedical Engineer6 Lakhs
Bachelor of Pharmacy [BPharm]4 yearsPharmacist2 Lakhs to 5 Lakhs
Bachelor of Occupational Therapy4.5 yearsOccupational Therapist4 Lakhs
BNYS4.5 years [1 year additional Internship period]Naturopathy Doctor3 Lakhs to 5 Lakhs
BSc Biotechnology3-4 yearsBiotechnologist5 Lakhs to 9 Lakhs
BSc Nutrition and Dietetics/Human Nutrition/Food Technology3-4 yearsNutritionist/Food Technologist/Research5 Lakhs
BSc Animal Husbandry and Dairying3-4 yearsAgronomist/
Agricultural Scientist
2 Lakhs to 3 Lakhs
BSc Cyber Forensics3-4 yearsForensic Scientist6 Lakhs
BSc Fisheries3 yearsMarine Biologist/
Fisheries Scientist
5 Lakhs to 10 Lakhs

B. Sc in Nursing

A nurse is an integral part of the healthcare sector, from taking care of patients in the general ward to the operation theater, as well as assisting a doctor, as and when required. B.Sc in Nursing is a 4-year course, where students are given a holistic knowledge of all aspects of nursing. They are trained on the processes of wellness, illness & disease management, health promotion, etc. This course is available in several top colleges including AIIMS and AFMC.

B. Pharm

A pharmacist is a trained individual with in-depth knowledge of every aspect of drugs, from their development to their disposal, and so on. B. Pharm is a 4-year course, which offers a candidate with great career opportunities, including the option to become a pharmacist, lecturer, researcher, salesperson, or counselor. Combined with a master’s degree, pharmacy is said to be quite a profitable career option for those who wish to pursue medicine. Several popular colleges, including BITS Pilani, offer this degree.

B. Sc in Biotechnology

This is a 3-year course, which combines the study of biology and technology to develop and/or invent products and processes aimed at improving the overall quality of life on earth. The course gives a student complete knowledge about the genetics of microorganisms, their development, etc. The applications of biotechnology are diverse, especially in health and medical sciences, biomedical engineering, agriculture, seed technology, virology, and so on. This career option allows you to work in the medical sector as well as in research and development.

B. Sc in Cardiovascular Technology

It is a 3 years doctoral course, which deals with the diagnosis of pulmonary diseases and those relating to the circulatory system.  After doing this course, one can work as a Cardiovascular Technician, Cardiovascular Technologist, Medical Sonographer, etc. Students also have the option to go further into research or become a lecturer.

B. Sc in Microbiology

In today’s world, where bacteria and viruses are threatening our very existence, the importance of the study of microbiology has grown. Microbiology deals with the study of microorganisms and microscopic organisms in the environment. This 3-year course includes subjects like Molecular Biology, Biostatistics, Microbiology, Virology, and DNA technology, amongst others, and prepares you for a career as a microbiologist, virologist, immunologist, and so on.

B. Sc in Nutrition and Dietetics

Nowadays, especially since lockdown, people have become more aware of their diet and food habits, which has led to a rise in the demand for nutritionists and dieticians, who are experts in the field of physical health. B. Sc in this field is a 3-year course, in which students are taught about lifestyle and food management, balanced diet, and so on. After completing the course, candidates have the option to work as advisors for sportspersons, and organizations, or even set up clinics to consult people regarding their required diet habits, etc.

Bachelor of occupational therapy (BOTh)

Awareness of mental illnesses is quite evident in the contemporary world today. Occupational Therapists are those who help in the treatment of physically or mentally challenged people, using therapeutic methods. They ensure that their patient can recover completely, be it from an injury, accident, long-standing illness, or even autism, old age, etc. BOTh is a 3-4 year course, in which students learn about the various means to cure patients by modifying the environment of the patient, educating them, and teaching them how to lead a regular life. Students have the option to pursue a diploma in this course as well. After completing the degree, students can work on a one-on-one basis with clients in clinical settings, NGOs, and in schools among others.

B. Sc in Cyber Forensics

With modernization and our increased dependency on technology, today, cyber forensics is emerging to be a lucrative career option for the youth. This is a 3-year course that develops professionals in the field of forensic analysis of compromised systems and network security. It involves training individuals who are efficient in the documentation related to cyber forensic analysis for the purpose of submission in the courts of law.

B. Sc in Fisheries

This 4-year, multi-disciplinary course focuses on managing, processing, marketing, and conservation of fish, along with the biological study of life and breeding of different species of fish. The course can be pursued full-time or part-time. Currently, the graduates of this field have good career opportunities as it is less saturated compared to other fields.      

B. Sc in Animal Husbandry and Dairying

This is quite a viable career option currently since India is the leading producer and consumer of milk across the globe. This 4-year course deals with the agricultural practices of breeding and raising livestock, along with a focus on the various aspects of dairying. Post-graduation, candidates have the option to work as an Animal Dairy Farm Manager, Clinical Assistant, working in private or government veterinary hospitals, etc.

B. Sc in Agricultural Science

Indian agriculture is internationally acknowledged for its quality. Pursuing the degree involves the study of all scientific, technical, and business aspects related to agriculture, horticulture, agricultural biotechnology, etc. The course includes studying subjects like plant biochemistry, sericulture, agronomy, and so on. The scope of this field has increased multifold with the infusion of modern techniques and technology with agriculture. Students pursuing this degree have the option to apply for high-paid jobs in both the public and private sectors and become agricultural research scientists, agriculture officers, production managers, and so on.

Bachelors in Perfusion Technology

Perfusionists are specialized healthcare professionals who know how to operate machines in the operating theater and keep a patient alive during surgical procedures. A bachelor’s degree in this field is a 3-year course, that deals with the study of pathology and associated equipment used to support and/or assume the function of the heart and/or lungs during medical procedures and the study of physiology. After completion of the degree, a candidate has the opportunity to work in the operating rooms of tertiary care units during heart and lung surgeries,  in Intensive care units, and in cardiothoracic ICUs.

Bachelors in Physiotherapy

This is a 5-year course that focuses on teaching students skills related to manual therapy, exercises, and application of electro-physical mode of treatment, all of which have the power to cure a variety of disabilities and diseases associated with the spine, and back, neck, and even stress-related problems. Moreover, a  physiotherapist aims at curing illnesses or injuries that limit a person’s day-to-day activities. The scope of this field is endless. After completing the course, students can opt to work in various disciplines such as sports, military, education, research, and insurance agencies.

B. Tech in Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical engineers study the interaction of medicine with technology to understand the cause of diseases, invent/develop solutions, etc. This is an up-and-coming field, in which candidates can join research labs or can liaise with doctors and scientists to use their expertise in building robust medical technology, bioinformatics systems, etc. The 4-year course includes studying topics like bioceramics, tissue engineering, pharmaceutical microbiology, bioinformatics, and so on.

BA/ B.Sc in Psychology

Today, the need for psychologists has reached an all-time high, with continuous growth and development in society, and the evolving thought processes of the human mind. This is usually a 3-4 year course, in which students are trained to understand, describe and predict the behavior of individuals and communities. It also explains cognitive processes, affective states, experiences, and states of consciousness. After completing the degree, candidates can opt for careers in a large number of fields such as sports, education, forensic, military, legal, and political.  Reputed universities like Lady Shri Ram College for Women provide their students with the option to pursue this field.

The ones listed above are only a fraction of the innumerable course options a medical aspirant has, without going for an MBBS degree. Today, with continuous development and the introduction of new career opportunities, there is no longer pressure for medical aspirants to go through NEET exams.

Yet, being a part of Indian society, we always hear people saying how our life will become successful as soon as we become a doctor, but you should know that that is not always the case. Sure, a doctor helps in healing and saving the lives of others, but do you think he works alone? No doctor can get a single task done, without the presence of other professionals in the healthcare industry. A candidate with an MBBS degree is worthless if he/she is not accompanied by other candidates pursuing B. Sc in nursing, pharmacy, and so on.

At the end of the day, your success depends on your passion and interest. You should definitely listen to the opinions of others, and the guidance your elders provide but remember to pay more heed to the voice inside yourself, telling you what is best for you.

Moving on, having to make an informed decision about your career, this early in your life might sound a bit scary to some of you. But you should keep in mind that your future is never limited. Till you have the required knowledge and skills, you can go for anything and everything you dream of, and no one in the entire world can stop you!

We hope to see you shine, and wish you only the best for your career!

Frequently Asked Questions on Courses without NEET

Is there any medical college without NEET in India?

There are a bunch of reputed medical colleges without need in India are Osmania Medical College, and Hyderabad. Lovely Professional University, New Delhi. Manipal School of Allied Sciences. Dr. D Y Patil College of Physiotherapy.

What if I fail in NEET?

If you fail and do not qualify for the NEET exam, you may not be able to apply for MBBS, BDS, Or AYUSH courses. You can either opt for B.Sc. Nursing, or take-up of the Allied Health Sciences like BPT ( physiotherapy), BOT (Occupational Therapy), etc. You can also opt for B.Sc.

Which medical course is best without NEET?

  • BSc Nursing
  • Biotechnology in BSc
  • BSc Psychology
  • BSc Cardiovascular Technology
  • Bachelors in Biomedical Engineering
  • BPharma
  • BNYS
  • Sc Food Technology

Which Medical course is best for the future?

  • Pharmacology
  • Aeronautics and Aviation Technology
  • Physical Therapy
  • Nursing
  • Construction Management
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Medical Technology
  • Medical Assistance

Can I do BHMSwithout NEET?

No, you cannot get admission into any private college of any state in BAMS or BHMS college without a neet exam. Any government, private, or even deemed university does not take admission without the neet score.

Can I join BDS without NEET?

No, you cannot get direct admission to BDS. Admission to any MBBS seat or BDS seat can be done on the basis of the score obtained in NEET ( National Eligibility cum entrance test) conducted by NTA ( National Testing Agency).

Can a nonbiology student become a doctor?

Rajasthan High Court has announced that the study of biology is not a necessary condition to pursue MBBS. Students who belong to the non-biology stream can also study MBBS.

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