Class 11: Physics Notes for NEET – Free PDF Download

Class 11: Physics Notes for NEET – Free PDF Download

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NEET Physics Notes for Quick Preparation & Revision in PDF

Study Rate brings you detailed Class – 11th Physics study material. Study Rate provides a series of detailed chapter-wise notes for all the subjects of class 11th and 12th.  These notes will also help you in your NEET preparations. We hope these Physics Notes for Class 11 will help you understand the important topics and remember the key points from the exam point of view. Below are the direct links for detailed chapter-wise 11th Physics study material.  

Crucial topics: EMI and AC, rotation, kinematics, electrostatics, current, electricity and capacitors, properties of matter, magnetic effects of current and magnetism, Bohr’s atomic matter, waves and sound, circular motion, the center of mass and collisions, communication systems and laws of motion.

We hope that our notes will play their part in our students’ success.

Physics Study Material For NEET

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With NEET exams just around the corner, just a few months for the most coveted exams, preparations are in full swing. Goes without saying that notes are an indispensable part of preparation. Making notes by referring to different sources can be a tedious task, hence we bring to you information collated from different sources, apt for NEET exams while not digressing from the NCERT syllabus.

Notes framed are a reflection of our efforts to bring the best to the table for NEET aspirants, thus saving hours of surfing and enabling a smooth, effortless learning experience. Candidates are expected to prepare notes for all the sections of NEET – Physics, Chemistry, Botany, and Zoology. Read on to get the complete insights on how to prepare notes for NEET for all the sections of NEET in this crunch time covering all the important points.

Tips To Prepare For NEET

One can crack NEET exams with sheer dedication and determination. Here are some tips you can follow:

Know The Syllabus, Master NCERT content
Candidates are required to prepare for NEET in accordance with the syllabus which they can follow. NCERT books for Physics, Chemistry and biology should be thoroughly studied.

Exhaustive Revisions and Practice
The importance of revising is well known to all the candidates. Preferably having a copy of self-made notes and highlighted points can be a life-saver for last-minute studies. One must solve mock tests, sample papers, previous years’ question papers to gain confidence and also comprehend the exam pattern, marking scheme, typology of questions very well. Practise numericals, diagrams in biology, equations in chemistry thoroughly.

Make Use Of Tips and Tricks
If you find understanding/learning a concept difficult, try to convert textual information into visual diagrams, infographics to remember easily.

More Useful Tips:

  • Understanding and complete awareness of the NEET Physics Syllabus.
  • Knowing the NEET exam pattern well in advance.
  • Knowing about the marking scheme of the NEET exam.
  • Referring to only proper and genuine reference books for NEET physics notes.
  • Downloading physics notes for NEET PDF from the Clear Exam website.
  • Preparing own comfortable set of NEET physics notes if required.
  • Practicing and giving more and more of NEET previous year papers and Mock tests. Students and candidates can also attempt the NEET chapter-wise mock tests from the Clear Exam website, and downloading NEET physics Study material free download PDF.
  • Preparing master formulae and notes according to the different chapters and content involved with NEET physics notes.
  • Preparing more in certain topics which require more attention, and NEET physics notes can be of great use here.
  • Remembering the key topics, formulae, and concepts.
  • Revising the syllabus again and again.
  • Avoid preparing from more than two or three books. This can land the student in a complex and difficult situation when compared to a student who prepared thoroughly but from only a single proper book.

How to prepare Physics notes for NEET:

After knowing the physics syllabus for NEET, it is necessary that every student gets his NEET physics notes prepares when he or she starts preparing for the highly competitive exam. These basic requirements while preparing NEET physics notes will make the preparation sound and proper for the students. Candidates or students can also click on the NEET physics study material free download PDF links for downloading the study material and NEET physics notes PDF free download prepared by the Clear Exam Team. These physics notes for NEET PDF will help students a lot in the preparation and swill ensure in staying ahead of the race. The following are some tips for students preparing Physics notes for NEET.

  • Prepare notes covering the whole syllabus:While preparing for NEET or any other competitive exam, one major mistake that the students or candidates or aspirants do is they do not understand the weight of each topic, and neglect certain topics or chapters while giving more time for the preparation of some topics which might be counter – productive. Firstly, students need to understand and stay aware of what topics have more weightage and what topics have limited weightage. Candidates or aspirants for NEET can also check this website and article for getting NEET physics notes from online and download the physics notes for NEET PDF. Students and aspirants for NEET must remember that the brief and short the notes are, the better it will be useful for them to prepare. When the NEET physics notes is made clear and concise, it helps so much during the time of revision and future reference.
  • Clear understanding of the topics or chapters:The NEET physics notes serves as a tool for revision and planned preparation any time before the exam date. It wouldn’t be easy to refer a big bundle of text book or reference book for any small point or sub topic in a sub chapter all the time. It is both time consuming and cumbersome. It is where a NEET physics notes PDF free download and NEET physics study material free download PDF come useful. Students can also make their notes as per their comfort of understanding and simplicity. If the notes they make isn’t very clear and understandable, then the very process of making a note for preparation can go wasted. The entire strategy of referring to a simply made notes gets lost and it for the same reason that candidates are advised to make their notes as clear and simple as possible. The physics notes for NEET PDF in this article serve all the basic requirements of a notes and students can make a best utilization of them. Candidates or aspirants can download them for free from the links available in this article as NEET physics notes PDF free download and NEET physics study material free download PDF. Candidates and students can simply click on the links to download the required study material or notes very easily. These NEET physics notes will help them as much as a self made notes by the students. These are very clear and simple to understand.
  • Attempting Mock Tests after preparing Notes: After preparingnotes, students will be able to attempt and answer the previous year papers and give Mock tests of NEET too. This will help them in identifying their strong and weak areas. After giving each preparation test it is very important to analyse the result. Each and every result of the practise or mock test gives many insights and inputs about where the candidate or aspirant is lacking in his or her preparation levels. Notes can then be used to revise and prepare for those topics and sub chapters which he or she might be scoring lesser. Revision from notes, Mock tests, and again revision, and so on; is the key to score higher and be a top ranker in a competitive exam such as NEET. Utilize the NEET physics notes PDF free download and NEET physics study material free download PDF from the given links in this article and avail the best notes and preparation tips from the Clear Exam website.        

Frequently Asked Questions on NEET Notes

How to make notes from NCERT for NEET

Read NCERT thoroughly, make separate notes for points you forget, formulae, reactions, diagrams. Highlight important points in the book itself and make use of the space provided in the margin to jot down other important points on the same topic from different sources.

How to make short notes for NEET

Read from hand-made notes prepared after understanding concepts, refrain from replicating from the textbook. Use highlighters for important points. Revise from these notes regularly and formulate your own tricks, shortcuts and mnemonics, mappings etc.

About NEET

NEET is conducted every year in the month of September for Medical courses admissions in India. It is used by the MCI and the authorities for admissions into MBBS, BDS, BAMS, BHMS, BUMS, and BSMS. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) declares the results and the All India Merit List for NEET (UG) or simply the All India Rank based on the work done by the National Testing Agency (NTA). This exam carries a lot of importance and weightage in every student’s and aspirant’s life and career.  So, attempting and scoring good scores for a higher rank is required to seek admission in one of the premier medical institutes of the country. Over 15 lakh students take the exam, and this shows the heavy competition factor where every mark counts for several thousands of differences in ranks. Aspirants or candidates must utilize the NEET physics notes provided in this page and make their preparation strategies in order to succeed in this highly competitive exam. Check this page further to get physics notes for NEET PDFs.

Students must be aware of the NEET exam pattern before downloading and using the NEET physics notes PDF free downloadNEET physics study material free download PDF links help the students in understanding the syllabus and preparatory planning for the NEET exam. Aspirants or candidates can also come to know the weightage of each topic from the Physics notes for NEET PDF. The following table has the information regarding the NEET exam pattern. Candidates or aspirants are suggested to go through them and start practicing in their preparation for NEET exam accordingly utilizing the NEET physics notes.

S.No.ParticularsInformation / Details
01Mode of the NEET examOffline or Pen and Paper Mode
02Duration of the Exam3 (three) Hours
03The total number of Questions180 Questions
04Sections & SubjectsBiology – a total of 90 QuestionsPhysics – A total of 45 QuestionsChemistry – a total of 90 Questions
05Marking Scheme of the exam+4 mark for every correct answer each-1 mark for every wrong answer each0 mark for every unanswered or every non attempted question each
06Total Marks or Maximum Marks720 Marks in total
07Total marks scored calculation or formula for total marks scored in NEET exam by an individual candidateTotal scored marks = (Number of correct answers * 4) – (Number of incorrect answered questions * 1)

About NTA

The National Testing Agency is an autonomous organisation that conducts entrance examinations for admissions or fellowship in to higher educational institutions in India like IITs, NITs, and AIIMS. From test preparation to test delivery to test marking, the NTA follows the best practices and has a lot of responsibility in every task it undertakes.

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