You are currently viewing Chirag Falor JEE Topper Chemistry Notes PDF Free for JEE Mains & NEET

Chirag Falor JEE Topper Chemistry Notes PDF Free for JEE Mains & NEET

JEE Advanced topper Chirag Falor to skip studying at IITs, will head to MIT.

Yet despite having commenced his undergrad freshman year online at MIT last September, he prepared for and wrote IIT-JEE (Joint Entrance Examination)-Mains 2020 followed by the IIT-JEE-Advanced 2020 in late September and maxed it with a 100 percentile score and all-India #1 rank.

Here we will provide you the free PDF of Chirag Falor Chemistry Handwritten Notes for FREE. These notes include Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry as well as Inorganic Chemistry. He gets ALL India’s #1 Rank in JEE Advanced.

“Although I had already been accepted by MIT, I simultaneously continued to study for the IIT-JEE reputed to be the world’s toughest entrance exam for my personal satisfaction as I had been preparing for these exams for four years. Therefore, I’m delighted that I topped the IIT-JEE Advanced,” says Chirag who has also won several national and international science Olympiad medals and certificates.

Chirag Falor Chemistry Handwritten Notes PDFDownload HERE

This extraordinary achievement — admission into MIT and IIT of his choice — is the outcome of diligent preparation from age 15 when Chirag was a student at the CBSE-affiliated St. Arnold’s Central School, Pune. While in class IX, he signed up for supplementary coaching at Akash Institute, Pune to start preparing for IIT-JEE (Mains) four years later. To study in right earnest, in 2018 Chirag moved to Delhi to do his Plus Two and prepare for IIT-JEE at Akash Institute’s renowned Pusa Road centre.

“I followed a rigorous schedule of 6-12 hours simultaneously preparing for national/international Olympiads and IIT-JEE. Not being fussed over by my parents and resisting the temptation to own a smartphone, allowed me to focus entirely on IIT-JEE. My only extra-curricular activity for four years was stargazing, signing up for science and astronomy Olympiads and playing chess and table tennis,” says Chirag.

Having attained his lifelong ambition of topping IIT-JEE (Advanced), right now this young whizkid’s top priority is to proceed to the US in February for on-campus classes at MIT, Cambridge. “My focused and thorough preparation for IIT-JEE enabled me to do well in SAT and win a generous scholarship. Systematic study and hard work always pays off. Sometimes in unexpected ways,” says this promising space scientist in the making.

Chirag Falor has not only cleared the IIT entrance exam 2020 but
also cleared the admission test at one of the most eminent
universities of the world- Massachusetts Institute of Technology
(MIT), USA. He is one of the only 5 Indian students who got
admitted to MIT this year. Despite having achieved this feat, Pune’s
Falor decided to appear for the JEE exam. According to Falor, “JEE
is the toughest exam because there is a time constraint to it. Firstyear common exams at MIT are much easier than JEE. Hence, it is
the toughest exam in a short period of time.”
Besides IIT-JEE and MIT exams, Falor has also appeared for India
at the International Olympiads and was earlier awarded the Bal
Shakti Puraskar for the same. He prepared for one of the 7 most
difficult exams in India alongside his online classes at MIT that
lasted from 05:30 pm till 02:00 am every day since he could not
return to the US given the coronavirus lockdown.
His sharp mind and scientific temper also captured Prime Minister
Narendra Modi’s attention this year. Calling him a “friend”, the
Prime Minister tweeted, “Meet my friend Chirag Falor, a Bal
Puraskar awardee. Winner of national and international math and
science competitions, he represented India in the International
Olympiad Award on Astronomy and Astrophysics. Chirag has a
bright future ahead and I wish him success.” Falor had secured
98.4 percent marks in the CBSE Class 12 Board exams. He also
has a younger sister who is in class 7 currently.

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